The last twelve months have been a time of growth for us at The Blue Penguin Company and we have been working closely with a number of carefully selected professionals to help us ensure we are bringing details of what we do , to the right people, in the right way. Part of this process involved making a series of videos channel)to help our clients who don’t have English as a first language, to be able to visually see what we do and how we do it.  

Whilst making videos, improving our website, having professional photos taken of our students, and working with a professional graphic designer to produce our beautiful marketing material may seem like an expensive option for a small business, it has really changed the way we reach our clients, and opened up new pathways for us to showcase what we do. 

Working with a wholly European market, it is important that we are able to reach clients who may not speak English very proficiently, in a way that is personal, informative, easy to understand, and available with subtitles in their own language.  This enables families and education providers to make an informed decision about whether or not our programmes are right for them by bringing all of the information to them in an ‘easy to watch way’.  

What is always important to us is that our video content is honest, informative and showcases the outstandingly beautiful part of the UK where our programmes take place.