In October as part of a week-long marketing road trip to Italy (where we drove a whopping 1,500km), we had the chance to go and visit some of our girls at school to see how they were getting on at the beginning of their new academic year – thank you for making us feel so welcome!  

It was great to see how pleased the girls were by our visit, and they were enthusiastically recounting stories of their time in the UK during the summer.  We also had a chance to have a debrief with their teachers and the school leadership team, to discuss how they felt the programme went from their point of view. The girls also graciously agreed to film some video testimonials with us, sharing with other students why trips like our Work Experience Programmes are so beneficial for personal growth.

We are very much ‘people’ people, and we like to have the opportunity to meet our clients in person at the very beginning of the planning process so that we can fully understand what is important to them, what kind of results they would like to see from their time in the UK, and how we can structure their programmes in such a way that they make the maximum amount of progress in the time available.

In order for us to market our programmes this successfully, we visit our clients a number of times a year to meet in schools, colleges, universities and with individual families so that we can be available face to face to answer any questions or queries they may have, before they commit to any particular programme.