What a wonderful summer this has been for us.  We have had the chance to welcome so many new students to Worthing to take part in our wide variety of English Language Programmes, and we can’t really believe it’s all over for another year. It does however mean we get to travel to Italy quite a bit over the coming months to meet more new schools and families though, so it’s not all sad.  We wanted to share some of the highlights from our summer with you.

We made a video ! It was so much fun! The weather this summer was beautiful, with record lows in rainfall and sunny skies most days, so perfect conditions for filming.  The smiles on our students’ faces were such a pleasure to see, and we loved having the time to get to know them all a little better.  We were very proud of how professional these beautiful young people were, how much their confidence had grown in their English Language abilities over the weeks that they were with us, and how enthusiastic they were to share their experiences on camera (in English!).  Their testimonials were unscripted, honest and heartfelt.

We were thrilled to welcome a new school from Lombardia to our client list in September. All of the girls worked incredibly hard at their Work Experience Placements, and we had extremely positive feedback from their employers.  As well as being placed in a wide variety of work placements, we were also fortunate enough to experience many new activities during our social programme.  There were many ‘firsts’ for this group – hotpod yoga and Bushcraft activities to name a few.  The girls were brave and open-minded, and their positive attitude to learning was a joy to see.