Terms and Conditions for Online English Lessons

1.Subscription, Changes and Cancellation 

The nature of this contract is a ‘rolling’ subscription for 1 month of English classes of either a 25-minute duration or 40 minute duration per calendar week (please delete as appropriate) .

By ‘rolling’ it is meant that the customer and the provider are contracted to maintain the schedule and payment for the agreed classes on an on-going basis.

Any changes to the classes, the schedule or the price must be made in writing with one months’ notice by either party. Cancellations of the agreement also require one-month notice, provided in writing, by either party. Fees are payable for each month, in advance.

Should changes to the schedule or cancellations occur less than one month before, the following is agreed: if the provider changes or cancels classes, a suitable alternative can be agreed by both parties.

  • Where an alternative cannot be agreed, a 20% reduction of fees will be applied to the following calendar month’s classes only. This 20% reduction constitutes the ‘guarantee’ offered by the provider to the customer for their chosen class time(s).
  • Any credit balance incurred in this situation will be applied to subsequent payments.
  • No cash refunds will be provided. If the customer changes or cancels classes with less than one-month notice, the classes missed are forfeit, and the fee is retained by the provider.
  • In some cases, the provider may be able to accommodate changes or rescheduled classes at their discretion, but the provider is not required to do so by contract.

Cancellations owing to technical, equipment or internet failure will be assessed individually. It is the customer’s responsibility to ensure the equipment and internet used by the student are suitable at all times.

Appropriate proof may be necessary to verify the customer’s technical suitability; this may include, but is not limited to, ‘ping’ and system status screenshots or translated evidence from an internet provider. Where suitable proof cannot be presented, the customer will forfeit the class at their expense. Students are required to maintain quality video and audio throughout class or are subject to cancellation at the provider’s discretion.

Likewise, where there is doubt, the provider will provide said proof. In rare instances where the provider experiences verified and significant technical, equipment or internet failure, a suitable alternative class or credit voucher refund will be arranged at no extra charge.


Upon commencement of the contract, the customer and the provider will agree on an appropriate number of classes per week, as well as a recurring day and time. This slot will then be reserved for the student until such time as either party cancels the contract.

Changes to the schedule may be initiated by either party, in accordance with the above (1.0) policy. Where the schedule is not regularly maintained by the customer, the provider may review or cancel the contract and offer the time to another student.

The customer and the provider are entitled to inform the other party of absence or leave, for which time customers will not be billed. There will be holiday entitlements (normally in August) by the provider as well as company closures over the Christmas period each December, dates to be confirmed.  All planned absences should be confirmed no later than 2 weeks in advance of the date of planned absence.


Standard classes will be billed at a rate of £18.50  per 25 minute lesson / £35 per 40-minute lesson and are payable 1 month in advance of the start date of the lessons.  Where individual prices have been set, these will be confirmed separately on a case by case basis.

Payment is to be made by the customer to the provider within 7 days of receiving the invoice. Payment can be made via Debit/Credit card payment or bank transfer.

Any and all additional fees charged by the customer’s bank or credit card issuer must be covered by the customer.

Course prices are reviewed on an annual basis and where an increase occurs, will be valid from 1st January each year. 

The provider is not obliged to provide a reason for any change to the class price, nor to maintain equal pricing for new customers. The customer has the right to refuse the price change and the contract amendment, with one-month notice, thus providing their notice to discontinue classes.

4.Student Conduct

Students are expected to conduct themselves in a serious manner during lesson times. This includes, but is not limited to:

  • taking classes in a quiet environment: please avoid noisy conversations, music or televisions in the background. Students may be asked to use headphones if the noise persists
  • sitting at a desk or table; please refrain from eating, walking around or taking classes outdoors or in vehicles
  • ensuring just one student is visible in the video screen
  • ensuring the student’s face is visible within the video screen
  • ensuring that they are appropriately dressed for the lessons
  • being punctual: the provider has no obligation to extend class time due to a student’s tardiness. With regular back-to-back classes, the provider will usually be unable to extend the lesson time for any reason
  • refraining from aggressive or inappropriate language or gestures in either their native language or in English
  • refraining from manipulating the screen, background or pen functions without permission from the provider
  • refraining from engaging in distractions, such as playing with toys, or attending to programs, software or other publications during class time
  • refraining from using their native language during class time
  • Parent supervision and/or support may be requested during the lesson and is gratefully received. Please note, when accompanying your child during the class, please assist with their behaviour and attention The provider is solely responsible for lesson content, eliciting responses and providing necessary corrections to your child.
  • The provider reserves the right to add to or amend the contract periodically. Failure by the customer to sign or adhere to any amendments constitutes the customer’s cancellation of the contract. One month notice of amendments must be provided by the provider.

NB: Please note that in the interests of child protection and safety and teacher evaluation, lessons may be recorded and securely stored by the provider.  These files will not be shared with any individual who does not have direct responsibility for the student’s safety and wellbeing, either inside or outside of The Blue Penguin Company.  These recorded image files will be held for a period of 12 months.

By acceptance of this contract and by submitting payment for my course, I confirm my acceptance of the above terms and conditions and consent to the processing of my personal data, including but not limited to name, address, email, telephone number, photo and video images.