Outdoor Education is becoming a more popular medium for learning, and more and more schools are introducing options like Forest SchoolBeach School and Outdoor Education courses.  But why do we need to take students out of the classroom?

As a company we are fortunate enough to have a long standing and close working relationship with this wonderful company who provide outstanding Outdoor Educational experiences for young people.  

Founders Steve Shove and Mat Barnsley explain why outdoor education is not just about making fires in the woods; ‘Graduates of our survival academy and expeditions are helped to secure entry to higher and further education courses of their choice and to secure the roles they desire when moving into the work place: uniquely we offer post-activity reports and references. We have a proven methodology for success that is used by some of the world’s largest corporations. It provides a foundation and tools to succeed in life, relevant to each individual and taught in the most inspiring, engaging and memorable ways.’  

I love all of the various programmes that Steve, Mat and their team of experienced instructors provide, but my favourite is definitely their Arctic Expeditions

We include elements of outdoor education in all of our summer programmes to give students a taste of the benefits that alternative learning environments bring.

As a parent, especially with your first child, it’s often hard to know when the right time is to enrol your child on an experience away from home, and then to make the choice of which option would be the most beneficial for your child.  Taking the time to research established, suitably qualified and ethical providers is always the best place to begin, but I would encourage you to talk to your child about their wishes, interests and aspirations for now and also in the future before making a choice.  

These experiences are an investment for families, not an opportunity for a week-long childcare placement during the holidays, so parents should be encouraged to focus on the investment rather than the cost of the activity.  If it takes a little longer to save up for a higher quality programme, then your child will have longer to plan, mature and prepare for their experience.  Low cost options provide a low-cost solution, and personally when it comes to my own children I am driven more by the ‘safest’ choice rather than the ‘cheapest’ option.