Did you know it was Penguin Awareness Day today ?  Many didn’t, but we did! 

One of the first questions I normally get asked is ‘Why are you called The Blue Penguin Company?’ Was it the result of too much prosecco and a late-night game of scrabble?  Did we only get to ‘b’ in the alphabet before we gave up and did ‘eeny meeny’? Actually not… I’ll explain.

I’m African– and I love animals.  For me animals have got it just right, and penguins in particular focus on:

a) survival

b) family

c) community

Daddy Penguin sits on the egg, and Mummy Penguin gets to run her own successful fishing business – how delightfully modern!  

Our business is focussed around families, we are one, we work with them, and our primary focus is to provide a safe, welcoming environment for our clients to learn.  We are extremely community-minded and work with (and support) local businesses and education providers to bring high-quality, well-planned and welcoming programmes to our clients.  Our business is centred around our clients, and everything we do starts from there. We carefully listen to their needs, their constraints and concerns, and we meticulously plan programmes to suit their individual requirements.  There really is something for everyone.

Wishing you all a Happy Penguin Awareness Day!