Since 2012 when The Blue Penguin Company was born, we have taken very much a ‘slow yet organic’ approach to growth. This was for a number of reasons, firstly I’m a working mama … I had three small people at home that needed my time and energy and I wanted to be there for them. I wanted to take part in their sports days, school outings, nativity plays and all the other things that many working parents don’t have the luxury of attending because of their necessary work commitments. Family is at the centre of everything we do as a company, so we believe that commitment to family very much needs to start at home.

Secondly, we wanted to take time as a business to really get to know our clients, what they wanted in terms of a service, how they wanted it to be delivered, and then to fine-tune our services to make sure we were offering the very best we could to those people wanting to invest in our Educational Programmes. We have consistently kept our student groups small so that we can take the time to get to know our students on a very personal level, and keep our trips stimulating and fresh, taking into account the interests of our clients when planning our programmes. We have never and will never be in the business of herding sheep. We spend a lot of time visiting Italy to meet with families, schools, colleges and individuals as we believe speaking to people face to face is a more personal and much more effective form of communication. The internet is great, but you can’t beat a good coffee and a chat!

In 2017 we were fortunate enough to have Laura join our team, and with her she brought not only essential Italian Language skills, but also a wealth of teaching knowledge and methodologies gained over a decade or more, which have proved invaluable to us as a Company. Laura is responsible for making and maintaining good relationships with our schools, families and partners in Italy to ensure we are always able to reach as many people in as personal, relevant and honest way as possible.

In April 2019 Luisa joined our team in the role of Italian Administrator. Luisa is also an Italian native speaker and has recently graduated in Media Studies from the University of Sussex. We looked long and hard to find someone who fitted in well with our Company ethos, who was also able to bring the much needed skills and passion to the Company to help us grow and Luisa was very much the right person for the job.

We are just weeks away from the beginning of our Summer 2019 Programme and I am personally so excited to see how our new team structure will bring even more opportunities to our fantastic students.