One Day Masterclass Training

27th February 2020, Milan, ITALY

There’s more to global communication than learning a new language. Global Business Professionals need to understand a country’s culture, as well as its words. They need to learn how to adapt their behaviour, communicate and approach accordingly in order to ensure successful and productive cross-border relationships. 

Good cultural training requires up to date, culturally correct and relevant information, delivered by competent and experienced trainers. At The Blue Penguin Company Ltd we strive to deliver cultural training that is insightful, meaningful and relevant for our audiences, through the use of our professional subject matter experts. 

During our Intercultural Business Training you and your team will learn how to develop the cultural intelligence and competitive advantage you need in order to succeed in global business.

Our innovative face-to-face Masterclass Training Programmes are built on our unique and powerful methodology to give you direct access to highly qualified intercultural trainers. Our programmes deliver highly engaging and deliver measurable success rates which can be rolled out across all aspects of your business.

Our structured and targeted programmes do not contain lists of cultural ‘dos and don’ts, but instead, teach you how to act in cultural situations that may presently make you feel uncomfortable. You and your team will be encouraged to reflect on your personal working preferences, as well as those of your colleagues, as you apply experience-based practical business strategies for collaborating across cultures.

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What does our One Day Masterclass Training cover?

Working in global teams

Cross-cultural conflict management

Leading global teams

Negotiating across cultures


Presenting across cultures

The challenges of multicultural teams