Leigh Otterson-Walter – Managing Director

Leigh Otterson-Walter was born in South Africa, where she lived until she was nineteen years old. Leigh lead a fairly nomadic life as a child, moving from town to town due to her father’s work, and became very adaptable to both change, and new surroundings from an early age. 


Alex Walter – Director

After finishing university where he studied Chemistry with Management Studies, Alex embarked on a career for a multinational American travel and finance company. However, in his late 20’s he went back to studying to embark on a career change to work in healthcare. 


Luisa Schiappacasse – Italian Administrator

Luisa was born in Italy where she lived until she was seventeen years old before moving to the UK to complete her education. Luisa joined our Company in April 2019 and is the newest member our team. In her short time with us Luisa has already proven to be an important part of our operations team, as well as bringing a wealth of knowledge with her having recently graduated from the University of Sussex with a BA (Hons) in Media and Communications, and her previous experience of working with a local Language School in Brighton.


Laura Scarasciullo – Italian Co-ordinator

Laura was fourteen years old when she first arrived in England on the same type of educational programme that she now helps to organise for the students of The Blue Penguin Company Ltd. Laura then went Inter-railing across Europe followed by studying in Australia.


Tommaso Walter – Director of Customer Happiness

Tommy joined our team in 2015 and works mainly in the office, although he does enjoy taking part in our more ‘outdoor’ activities and making new friends.