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We are Swedish UK Educational Travel Specialists offering bespoke learning solutions to young Swedish students wishing to improve their English Language skills abroad.

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Swedish UK Educational Travel Company

We offer a wide variety of Educational learning programmes which are based on the learning needs of our clients.  

These include high quality English Language courses for:

  • Teens
  • Adults
  • Business Professionals

We are also a specialist provider of Work Experience Internship opportunities for those aged 16yrs plus, wishing to include valuable life skills as part of their English Language learning journey.

Why do we work in Sweden?

All you need is The Blue Penguin.

Sweden is well known for its excellent publicly funded schools, with small class sizes that encourage all children to learn. Even though English is taught from a young age in Sweden, it most certainly doesn’t guarantee students’ fluency.

We want to help Swedish students to immerse themselves in English and achieve their highest potential, in a carefully planned, safe and educational environment.

Why should Swedish students come and learn English with us?

It is the principal language of Business globally.

It’s the most common secondary language found in countries across the globe.

Many important academic works and educational materials are only available in English, particularly in the fields of medicine, engineering and science.

Swedes love to travel, and English is the most widely used language of travel anywhere in the world.

Swedes are great at learning new languages; in fact, you are ranked number 2 in the world by the EF English Proficiency Index!

Learning a second language promotes better decision-making skills, memory, attention span and many more benefits, so should be high on the list of learning priorities for young Swedish learners.

Blue Penguin is an excellent study holiday experience, with the possibility of including young people in the world of work to improve the learning of English. My son met new friends and joined a host family. In any case, it is an excellent life experience. For us it's the second experience.

Great experience from all points of view. Congratulations to the organizational staff without whom this event would not be possible. Useful training path for effective language learning. Recommended for all children who want to spend this experience abroad.






Trusted and used by many  companies.

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