Anyone taking a peek at our instagram feed will know that I travel a lot (!) … last year I was in Italy more than a dozen times, I also visited Mauritius, Greece and France on various trips throughout the year.  More often than not I travel alone, with three large suitcases full of marketing materials to show to potential clients.

One of the cities I visit the most is Milan.  I have an overnight trip every two weeks in the summer, and after that I visit about once a month from Autumn onwards to take part in various events.  Milan is a very safe city, the central area around Duomo di Milano is full of tourists taking selfies at the magnificent Cathedral that took a whopping six centuries to build!  The impressive and extremely opulent Galleria Vittorio Emanuele shopping centre is right next door where you can take your time to marvel at their shiny offerings, or have an overpriced drink or meal overlooking the square.    My personal preference is to stay slightly out of the centre, but close enough to walk in if I wish. 

Milan is a fantastic city for business travellers for many reasons, but my top four reasons would be:

Accessibility – Milan Linate Airport is located just 10 mins from the city centre making it super accessible.  My favourite low cost airline EasyJet has around 5 flights per day from London Gatwick in the summer, and in my experience, has the lowest flight prices of any of the other airports in Italy that EasyJet services.  Be aware however, that from 27th July – 27th October 2019 Milan Linate will be closed for a long term maintenance project so you’ll need to fly to Malpensa instead.

Hotels – Milan offers a fantastic choice of quality hotels for both accommodation and meetings facilities.  You are spoiled for choice in terms of city centre hotels from budget to high-end, there are options for every traveller’s wallet.  I personally use to make my reservations, but there are many options such as the ever- popular, etc.  The Porta Nuova district is quiet, leafy in parts, and home to a number of beautiful international hotels.  If you are looking at the top of the range, the staff at The Westin Palace Hotel will make you feel like a princess.  My hotel of choice is The Windsor Hotel, which is located in Porta Nuova. It’s super comfortable, and super quiet (apart from sirens which are just a normal occurrence in Milan) .  The hotel is located a 15-20 minute cab ride from Linate, Republicca metro is a 2 minute walk, Centrale station a 10 minute walk, and the central Duomo area with it’s Cathedral, famous Galleria and restaurants is just a 20 minute walk if you don’t fancy braving the metro. I have stayed in a large number of hotels in the city, but in my opinion the Windsor covers all bases in terms of comfort, customer service, a 5* restaurant and won’t break the bank as their rates are actually very reasonable for the class of hotel.

Getting around – navigating your way around the city could not be easier with a wide range of tram, bus or metro routes.  A day ticket which covers the metro, trams and busses costs just Euro 1.50 per day (take note London!) and the network is simple to work out. What wasn’t so easy to work out at first was where to buy tickets, so I’m happy to share my top tip of popping into Hudson News in the arrivals area of Linate, and picking up a few whilst you are there. I personally like to walk where possible when I visit, so finding one of the many amazing restaurant choices on offer is as easy as 1, 2, 3! Which brings me nicely onto …

Food – this should really have been at the top of the list!  I have yet to find a region in Italy where the food is not delicious, beautiful, flavoursome and addictive, and Milan certainly doesn’t disappoint.  There are a vast number or restaurants to choose from, but some of my favourites are Clotilde and Bistro Giacomo.

With so many plus points – there is absolutely no reason not to plan your next business event in Milan.