Keeping young people excited about learning a language can be tricky, so making sure learning stays fun and stimulating is very important.  Creative lesson planning is key, and we’ve found that by using these 5 free online resources, even small changes can have a big impact over time:  

General conversation starters:   

Games and activities:  

Audio activity:    

A wide variety of topics covered here:   

Easy tips and tricks to make big differences:   

The following list of resources has a big impact on English Language Learning;  

  • Movies: Watching movies helps you understand body language and provides valuable visual cues for your listening practise. Youtube is a to great source of visual learning material!
  • Podcasts and Radio: To cover a variety of topics and speaking styles, podcasts and online radio can’t be beaten.
  • Music: Listening to music gives you a look at the creative and poetic side of a language.
  • Current affairs media: News provides you with a more formal, standard use of the language, combined with contemporary topics.
  • English video Lessons: Video lessons allow you to listen to English in a structured environment. This is really helpful when you first start learning English. Try resources like FluentU English, EngVid and English Anyone.

Do you have any great resources to share!  Why not pop them in the comments below!